“In the bread you are aware of the hand of the baker—another person connected to your life.” – La Bella Cucina

There’s nothing complicated about food, and nobody understood this better than the Italians. They knew that a delicious meal didn’t require elaborate preparation—just proper ingredients, and the passion and patience to let them work their magic.

At The Little Sparo, we apply these principles in all we do. From our in-house baked bread to our homemade pasta, every item is prepared with gentle, attentive care. With each handmade dish, we’re fostering that fundamental connection to food that is crucial to the human experience, all but lost in today’s world of fast-paced cuisine.

Like the great Italian cuoco, we believe that enjoying a meal is one of the most simple of human pleasures, and we want to keep it that way. It’s perfectly uncomplicated cuisine—just the way food was meant to be.

Our approach to COVID-19:

All staff have been asked to continue wearing their mask during service, adhere to hand-washing and sanitizing routines, and are encouraged to stay home if they are not feeling well

We have spaced all seating to accommodate social distancing measures

Hand sanitizer is available upon entry to the restaurant

Regularly sanitizing surfaces between all parties and following all Government recommendations including gathering contact tracing information